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The S-Team

S-Team civilians

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The S-Team

Sandstorm is the fearless leader of the S-Team. She can project sand from her hands to bury her opponents, or create a ramp on which she can "surf."
Science Guy has no superpowers of his own, but he wields the Awesome Power of Science to solve problems the team encounters.
Shellshock is one of the team's heavy hitters, able to fly and break stuff with his head.
Silence is the mysterious ninja with swords that can cut through anything and the ability to teleport anywhere.
Slick is the team's speedster, able to run super fast, although his legs far outstrip his ability to think clearly.
Smokescreen has the ability to generate clouds of smoke. Did we mention he's Jamaican?
Stretch is super-stretchy, able to lengthen his arms, legs, neck, and other unmentionables far beyond a normal person's range.
Stonewall is another heavy hitter, super-strong, made of stone, and with the ability to reshape his body. He used to look different before he was partially dissolved:
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S-Team civilians

Charlie is Silverstein's assistant. He is also Sandstorm's boyfriend.
The Technician is apparently the only actual employee of the S-Team. He cleans up their messes and fixes their broken stuff.
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Other heroes

The Scarlet Swordsmistress is a scab hero brought in by Silverstein during Silence's extended absence. She has a magic sword.
Stallion is another scab hero brought in to cover during Slick's extended absence. He can transform into a horse. A side effect of his power makes women around him swoon.
Fromann the Barbarian tried out for the S-Team but didn't get in, despite his ferocious temper and his bellows of "Fromann Smash!!". He's still kicking around somewhere.
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Tyrant, aka Dr. Simon Mat is the self-declared arch-enemy of Silverstein and the S-Team. He started the Legion of T to directly oppose the S-Team. He has no powers except financial.
Tortoise is one of Tyrant's original henchmen. His shell will expand to cover and protect him from any attack.
Turbo is the other of Tyrant's original henchmen. He is super-fast like Slick.
Tigergirl is Tyrant's niece. Her powers are as yet undetermined.
Buddy Terminator is an early model Terminator assassin android. He's also looking for Sarah Connor but he's a lot nicer about how he deals with people.
Tommy Two-Gun is a gunslinger who never, ever lets go of his two guns.
Iron Butterfly is Silence's arch-enemy and her ex-boyfriend. He has similar ninja powers to hers.
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Captain Blak is the commander of the IBC [Interstellar Brick Command] ship Risenpeter. He's a bit of a ladies' man.
Mr. Yelu is the Risenpeter's first mate and science officer. He's habitually grumpy.
Dr. Wiet is the Risenpeter's medical officer.
Mr. Reddwon is a redshirt. That means he dies. A lot. Usually horribly.
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Guest Stars
#46 is a character from the LEGO webcomic Legostar Galactica.
BataliBot is a creation of C.J. Doyle, author of Reasonably Clever.
C-3PO is everyone's favorite protocol droid, fluent in six million forms of communication. He has been a panelist on the Cross Circuits show.
Chewintobacca is actually Chewbacca's cousin from Kentucky. But all Wookiees look the same, don't they?
RCAT-1 is a robot designed by my oldest son. He got game.
Roger Battledroid is another panelist from Cross Circuits.
Tom Servo left his position on the Satellite of Love to take up duties as the host of Cross Circuits.
V.I.N.CENT was a crewmember of the Palomino and has been a panelist on Cross Circuits
Whiskey Tango is the star of C.J. Doyle's Reasonably Clever.
Darth Vader is the Lord of the Sith.
Bender Bending Rodriguez was also a panelist on Cross Circuits.
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